Sunday, February 7, 2010

The old ladies of bacolod

Have you ever rode on a jeepney with an old lady here in bacolod around the age 40 - 55 and you where with you're girlfriend? Chances are you've already noticed what I will write about here.

Most old ladies around the age 40-55 here in bacolod are rude. You will notice that most of them rant about how poor they are, how cruel life is to them, how their sons or daughters are useless bums or they will just stare at you like there is something disgusting about being with your girlfriend riding a jeepney. I really get irritated when they do that, its as if they feel like we should be ashamed of ourselves.

I understand that most of them must have been through hardships and difficulties (most of which I believe are self inflicted anyway) but that doesn't explain the fact that they act the way they do. What is it about this age range that made them so irate with life? The marshal law? Well its over, duh. They're to young to have been alive during world war 2 so we can't blame that.

This is one of the great mysteries in life I think I wouldn't care to understand.

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