Sunday, February 7, 2010

The Gaisano issue

Do you live in bacolod? If you do, you might have noticed something weird with Gaisano main. What is it? Let me give you a clue. You enter the store and you feel refreshed, its a bit cool. You go upstairs and suddenly you notice that you're sweating. You try to figure out why you are perspiring like a pig and then it dawns on you. Their air conditioning is off!

You might wonder whats really happening there, well I asked one of the sales lady and she told that it was broken and their fixing it and should be back soon. The only problem here was that it was a month ago when I asked that question. Are they cutting operating costs? Bad move then, there are a couple of instances already where I was going to buy something there but got irritated with the heat and just stormed out of the place. Imagine a bunch of their customers doing that everyday and it will really affect their income.

I've always liked Gaisano, been going and buying stuffs there since I was a kid but this is ridiculous. Its not like their store is open where a breeze could be felt once in a while. Its literally a hell hole. Bad for business


  1. actually, that's not the real story.. I'll tell u a secret, the owner of the gaisano main bacolod got kids.. a twins actually.. the other one is pure human and the other one is a huge snake.. and it's living there in gaisano main.. have u noticed before? there's a lot of missing people in that store, most of all kids are missing.. they said that they feed that snake in that store until now.. when u step at the floor upstairs can u notice something? it's not all the same floor.. the owner said that, that snake is their luck.. here's the answer of ur question.. why there's no air condition up stairs? because snakes like hot places.. that story scattered everywhere.. our household lives in the south part of Negros occidental, and she was the one who told me that story.. I've asked some older friends of mine in silay city and my 69 yrs old grandmother if that story is true.. and it's positive.. that's not just a story in a story book but a real story.. i've been asking my grandma if who scattered it if that story has to be secret of the gaisano's family? i think one of the workers there before knew the owner or maybe that person was the one who let the mother of the twins assist to deliver them.. yes, it's some kinda crazy story but it's true.. i wanted to see that snake..

  2. owws? really? hahaha, interesting....

  3. my girlfriend said its the robinsons owner who have a twin, one human, one snake?