Sunday, February 7, 2010

It's nice to write again

Been so long since I've first written anything here in blogger. Oh how I miss its interface and other annoying bugs which used to make me cringe all the time. Regardless, I'm here right now in front of my computer writing something again.

Now, let me rant about whats been happening with my life. Well, got a job (round of applause please) as a call center agent in Convergys Bacolod. The nice thing about being a call center agent is that you get to learn a lot. You're communication skills will definitely improve especially if you adhere to the golden rule, always speak the language you are using to talk with your customers when you are at work regardless of whether you are in lunch or break because as most of the mentors and trainers in Convergys would say "Chances are, Convergys is the only place you're going to have a chance to practice your English communication skills because you are being paid to do it and everyone is doing it." First part true, second part "everyone is doing it" about 80% true. I'm adhering with the EOP(english only policy) and its paying off. Still make mistakes though, but definitely improving.

Just a month ago my auntie gave me a watch and its Tonino Lamborghini. Costs about 1000 euro. The most exciting part of this is its a fake. But I've checked it on the net a couple of weeks ago, looks exactly like this (click here)

Got a new phone too, I lost my n73 and right now I bought a 6120c. It's really good has a smooth and not laggy system. Unlike my old phone, but n73 has way much better camera though. 6120c performs better though. I bought from my girlfriend because she bought a samsung corby which was actually what I wanted! But she was threatening me that if I don't buy it she'll sell it to someone else. Now I know why women where not given equal rights with men during the dark ages.

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