Sunday, February 7, 2010

The perks of my job

Truth be told, the only reason I am writing this is because I am severely bored with my job. I mean, I don't love it. I don't hate, it just doesn't interest me that much. Why keep it then? Well, I need it to survive. I could try to find another job but I am not really sure if I want to leave this job also. So to further convince myself that my job is worth keeping I am going to write the perks.

I am a technical support representative working for Convergys, I've been in this job for 2 months now but this is not my first time to have this kind of job. One of the perks for working in convergys is that I get to speak in the language I usually use for blogging which is a plus considering that blogging is my hobby and a way of investing my idle time. Hopefully, this investment will pay off in the future.

Coffee is definitely one of the perks because it is free. Espresso, Cappuccinos, Sweet blend, Creamy blend, plain coffee. I can still smell those steamy cups that I am so used to slurping already. Although coffee is one of the perks it is not necessarily good for me because it makes me a bit hyper and I become easily irate when I am hyper and that is not good when you're talking to someone also irate over the phone.

The pay is definitely good, at least for most jobs that you can find here in our area. Its twice the minimum wage which is quite good.

Another perk is that we get to dress up as much as we want to for work. Although we're not really facing our customers in person it does help alleviate our confidence a bit while they are shouting at us over the phone.

The best thing I like about this job is that we get to help people. It might sound "corny" and "cheesy" but it does feel good when you know you've helped someone on the other end of the world.

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