Tuesday, October 13, 2009

Personal web blogs

Personal web blogs are actually a type of blog wherein a person writes about his ideas,thoughts or anything he wants to share to the world wide web. You don't have any limits on what to write about in your personal blog,but you should always remember that you are responsible for what you write. You could write about anything and everything.

You have a lot of web blog platforms to chose from.Web blog platforms are websites that offer to host your personal blogs with little or no fee at all,Examples of blogging platforms are blogger.com, wordpress.com, typepad.com and many more. These different blogging platforms have different advantages and disadvantages, so be sure to research or try different blogging platforms to know which you are comfortable with.

Personal web blogs can also be customized, different websites offer free templates for personal and other kinds of web blogs, the kind of templates vary depending on the blog platform you are using. There are also what we call widgets/gadgets that adds certain features to your site. Blogging could be really fun especially if you do it because you want to and not because you've heard somewhere that you could earn from it.

An example of a personal web blog is my very own blog, dondon-tan.blogspot.com, it is hosted on a blogger platform. If you also notice, I have ads or advertisments on my personal web blog. You could also have advertisements placed on your personal web blogs. Monetizing or putting ads on your personal blogs is optional, that depends on whether or not you want to, Advertisements help you earn, however it is more advisable to place advertisements later on if you have established and written posts with good content. Placing an advertisement in your personal web blog is easy, earning from those advertisement is hard and could be confusing. So, it is advisable that you should not bother with advertisements at first when you are just beginning your web blog, because you might just end up concentrating on your advertisements rather than on your content.Gain some experience and know how first and then experiment with ads.

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