Tuesday, October 13, 2009

Understanding Web 2.0

I first heard the term "Web 2.0" when i was reading an article about how a "web 2.0" blog template is better than your ordinary web blog template. The article said your web page can rank higher although the indexed pages are much less using a web 2.0 blog template, until now I haven't really understood the point of that article or how a web 2.0 template could help you rank higher, but I did try to find a sample of this so called "web 2.0" template, I did find one, and I was expecting it to be somehow different. Well, sad to say I didn't really find something in particular that was different in a "web 2.0" template. The coding was similar, the layouts where almost the same.

Perhaps the biggest misconception about "web 2.0" is that it includes new technologies. However, the truth about web 2.0 is that it is just actually a term used to describe websites that allow their users to interact with each other or allow those users to modify a websites content. Examples of these web 2.0 websites are social networking sites, video sharing sites, wiki's and blogs. Web 2.0 does not refer to a technical change in the world wide web, but only a change in how users and developers make use of the world wide web.

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