Friday, September 18, 2009 or, scam?

I have been reading disturbing things about my recently discovered way to earn online, I have recently known that there are many complains regarding MyHPF or about not paying their users, according to a person known only as Jody20 from

" is the new name of
They scammed alot of members under their old name. They never paid me, i had over 80 pounds in my account, but i can't login anymore after they changed their name.
So, join at your own risk."

I am not certain whether this information is true or accurate, as I have not yet reach the minimum payout amount. I am hoping that this information is not true because I really liked what they are doing, I can only cross my fingers on this one and hope for the best.


  1. I think it's a scam cuz my searches go back to zero when they update the info..suckz..maybe i'll try again to convince myself it's a scam