Friday, September 18, 2009

I start learning c# today

I start learning c# today, it is a programming language developed by Anders Hejlsberg and his team, c# is a multi-paradigm programming language which means it supports more than one programming paradigm just like Java which I have previously learned from my classes. While Java has been a great introductory programming language I found it to much a waste of time, because Java focuses to much on its being platform independent which does not help me at all because I grew up in a windows environment and I plan to develop only windows applications for now, I may consider platform independent programs in the future, but I want to train myself in developing applications for windows as a start. Which leads me to believe that c# wouldbe better for my case because c# is specifically designed for Windows applications although it has now the capabilities to be platform independent using the .NET Framework, so I would expect better performance from it than Java especially in developing windows applications which I plan to do.

I am now reading c# programming:from problem analysis to program design by Barbara Doyle which I borrowed from my school library, which is a bit of a surprise because, not only is c# not in our curriculum the book is also fairly new. published 2008, which is a rare site in the computer science section of our library. I can't say more about c# for now, but I will be posting what I will learn in the near future.

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