Thursday, September 24, 2009

Adsense clicks with no earnings

I've noticed something in adsense which bothered me. I am quite new to this blogging business but I've been faring quite well with traffic and clicks but I changed my publishers id to my girl friends publishers id and then I logged in into her account and what i saw really surprised me.

In the right side you will see 1 click and then zero earnings. How is that possible? Is this normal or is it a glitch in adsense? I hope this gets fixed soon because if this could happen on the first click, who is to say that your next 100 clicks really earns the value of a 100 clicks, what if some of them weren't really credited? I'm trying to research about this for now, because I'm still a newbie and don't know much about adsense and their system.

1 comment:

  1. not only you ,
    if i think thats is click fraud from Unknown visitor (Robot,spam)

    Cause i have clicked my ads,but i visiting my ads site for a long time and give so many pageviews .

    and google give me earning for that