Thursday, September 17, 2009

Son offers sexy photos of mom on Internet!

An 18 year old student from New Zealand has been reported to have auctioned some sexy photos of his mom on, which of course annoyed his mom, but surprisingly she approved of it. here is a statement from the mom known only as Jennifer

"He was quite naughty... I thought 'you cheeky little git'," she said.

But she was also annoyed that Trade Me withdrew the second set of pictures, of which she approved.
"I insisted Michael show me first, the little bugger. They are quite artistic. There is nothing dodgy about them."

"I wanted 50 per cent of the sale, but more than that I miss the nice comments."

Cool mom, nothing special about this article. Just wanted to post it because i found it interesting.


  1. Oh God. It's really strange. i m really shocked to see this post..........

  2. haha, yes.. the world is getting stranger by the day

  3. When you see a pic of a mom bent over showing you just just how little her g-string is, right next to a photo of her kid's birthday party.

  4. photoshoots and they can look dog rough. Just don't pay for one of these photographers who'll take the photo's and then charge you more to get the prints. Remember Cole Porter- "a glimpse of stocking is shocking", you don't have to show too much to titillate.

  5. This post does come quite awkward. the world certainly went on a 360 degree turn, don't you think?