Wednesday, November 11, 2009

Where you can you get free downloadable mp3,softwares, games and ebooks?

Have you ever wanted to download a certain mp3, software or game but can't seem to get it for free? So you try to search for it on the world wide web, you google it and you are given millions of website who claim to be able to give you what you want. So you click on the first website you see that looks promising. You realize a couple of minutes later that you have been duped. Irritating isn't it? So let me direct you to a website where you can pretty much download anything for free.

Go to and search for the particular item your looking for by using it's search engine. It's free to download and best of all, it will not trick you into buying anything. is actually a file hosting website that allows you to download other peoples files on their account as long as they are willing to share it. Unlike most file hosting websites, gives you a "search" option which of course allows you to search for a particular file. The community in is "very active", with people uploading different stuffs all the time.

The kind of service offered by can benefit people who are usually looking for freely downloadable mp3's, ebooks, images, short videos and games.

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