Wednesday, November 11, 2009

Egogoogling, you have probably done this

egogoogling technologyHave you ever searched your name on google? If so, you've just done the act of "egogoogling", the cool thing about egogoogling is that you might find out stuffs about yourself if ever your name appears. In fact you could even put "is" along with your name as a search term, for example "michael is", "susan is" and you'll probably find out what people are saying about you. Don't be shy, admit it. I bet you've googled your own name at least once. A lot of people do it, even me.

When you google your name and you don't get any results then that would mean you have not establish your "web presence" yet, or maybe there are probably a lot of people out there with the same first name as you so try your luck by searching your complete name ok? I've tried egogoogling a couple of times and found out a very sad fact. My blog doesn't even rank 1st when your search the word "dondon" on Google, but it does appear when I search my complete name.

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