Monday, November 16, 2009

When should online freelance writers say no

Being a freelance writer online is somewhat an exciting job. You get to work for different clients and you're mostly going to encounter a lot topics so in the process you will get to learn different things. The advantage of being an online freelance writer is that you have the freedom to chose your own projects. The only problem you have as an online freelance writer is when to say no to a client. So, when do you say no? Try to use the following as your guideline.

The first thing you have to keep in mind is that you shouldn't lower your rates if you feel that you deserve it. I can guarantee you that if you agree to lower your rates for a certain client then you will end up writing low quality content. What I mean to say is that if you agreed to lower your rates for a certain client, will you really be as dedicated to what he asks you to write about or will you just consider it another way to earn? However, if you're given the compensation you think you deserve as a freelance writer then you would be motivated to write those articles with everything you've got, nothing will hold you back because you know that you will be satisfied financially. So learn to say no in these matters. Evaluate your situation carefully, ask yourself "Am I only worth what he is paying me?"

As an online freelance writer you should learn to say no to your clients. Most clients take advantage of writers who doesn't know how to refuse their ridiculous offers. Remember that the quality of writing you will produce depends on the mindset you are in. Belittling yourself by accepting or agreeing to your clients offer for a certain job where you think you deserve to be paid more will only hurt your future as an online freelance writer.

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