Saturday, October 10, 2009

An update on my review of the website it is a scam!!!!

scam is indeed proven 100% to be a scam! They will not pay you anything. Their previous website name was and under that name they scammed a lot people also, For those who don't know what is, it is a site that offers you money to use their sponsored search engine which is yahoo. According to my source which I actually read about before I was using he has earned already tried and earned fair amount using which was known as before and then they changed their name to and then they deleted his account and never paid him, now if that isn't evidence enough that is a scam, here is one more which i experienced first hand, proving that is indeed a scam.

free money scamKnowing that is indeed a scam, i still decided to give it a try and what happened was I followed their program, I always saw in my accounts that searches have been recorded and my due amount would be updated the next day, because there is a 24 hour delay before your earnings would be updated in your account. I kept believing that for a week, because it the records show that I have been doing valid searches,a week later, I gave up. Now three weeks has past and not one cent was recorded in my account. And one more thing that officially makes this website not only a scam but also scum, because they even dared to pretend that a portion of your earnings will be given to a "cause" or charity of your choice, which of course given the circumstances I would highly doubt it will ever happen. That would have been a great way of making money online while supporting others if only would make good on their promise and not scam people, but I guess it was to good to be true, So please, avoid, because it is clearly a scam.

P.S - The email address they have given for their support does not work. So don't bother contacting them.
because is without a doubt a scam


  1. Thanks for the info, posted the link to your blog in the pending page for it.

  2. YES they are a scam I havent been paid for over 1 year, and all emails I send them fail