Monday, October 12, 2009

Reasons why I blog

I've been blogging for three months now, I have created 3 blogs, and abandoned 2, this is my 3 and the one I'm sticking to. I've always had varied interests and it proved hard for me to pick any particular hobby and likes of mine to blog about, so I decided to first create a personal blog which of course will contain random articles that are of interests to me. It's been and is still fun, I'm discovering new stuffs everyday and it is really fulfilling.

My reasons for blogging are simple, I want to learn, have fun and I want to make some money out of it. Well, I'm beginning to achieve 2/3 of those reasons. The third however is a bit of a problem still, but I am working on it. It still amazes me every time I explore other peoples blogs, It is like looking into their minds and seeing their thoughts, present and past.Which is very interesting, especially if you analyze the sentences they construct, which shows how they formed their ideas and really tells a lot about someone.

My best wishes to all bloggers out there! Keep sharing!

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  1. blog is ur online journal. You can write or post about whatever you like: updates of ur life, opinions, a great trip, favorite movies, customized ur theme, what music you're listening to -- anything that strikes your fancy.