Sunday, October 11, 2009

Google widgets | gadgets, how and where do i learn to make one?

how to make your own blog widgetHave you ever been interested in developing your own blogger blog widget | gadgets? If you're into I.T and stuffs then I am sure you will enjoy making widgets for blogs. But where do you start? Well you should first take a look at a couple of websites that develops these widgets. here are some examples. - some very cool collection of widgets and other blogger tutorials can be found here, - this is a very nice site if you're looking for some widgets. Has a large collection.

Get inspired first, know what has been made and get some ideas out of it. The next step would be learning the technical stuffs, make sure you know at least HTML and some basic Javascript. If you know these two web programming languages, then go here: , they will teach you the additional knowledge you need to develop a widget, including a web programming language know as XML.

Developing widgets for blogs is a great starting point in learning to develop web applications and programs, so good luck!

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