Monday, February 22, 2016

My thoughts on Miriam Santiago and Rodrigo Duterte

Rodrigo duterte and Miriam Santiago

I would just like to point out that this is my opinion and I am expressing the reason why I chose Duterte over Santiago as my preferred candidate. I am also not the politically savvy and I am just looking at it from an ordinary citizens point of view.

Miriam is a very smart and experienced leader, there is no denying that. I believe she is going to be a great president if ever elected and I am fine with that. However, I think she does not have the enough resolve to fix this country. I am not saying she has very little resolve, In fact I can see her resolve and determination even in the senate to find truth and justice for Filipinos.

However it will take a lot and even a great deal of personal sacrifice to be able to change this country. For me, Miriam Santiago has spent far too long in the senate to not have developed any political ties or connections that might hinder her from making necessary decisions to fix the Philippines. Out of the two I think she will be the one to most likely compromise on some situations. Again, I am not saying Rodrigo Duterte is perfect and uncompromising, but Santiago has far more reasons to compromise than Duterte when it comes to decision making, which again I am saying only because I believe she has more political ties and connections comapred to Duterte.

On the other hand she is most likely the one to cause less chaos if she is able to pull of the change necessary to change our nation for the better because of her political ties and having more influence politically.

Duterte on the other hand does not have a lot of political connections in the Luzon area which I believe will make him more unbiased with it comes to his decisions and less people to answer too when making hard decisions. I believe Duterte has the enough resolve to change the Philippines for the better but as he said "It will be bloody" but I don't think this will be caused by his actions rather it will be most likely due to opposition coming from corrupt officials with strong political ties that stand to loose a lot.

Duterte has a very strong influence politically right now not because of his connections in the government but rather because of the support of the people. However it will be game over the moment other parties will be able to change how the common people view Duterte. I believe this is not likely to happen as long as we ourselves have the resolve to see this through until the very bloody end.

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