Friday, November 6, 2009

What you need to know about windows 7 before using it

Windows 7, is a nice name but most windows experts will tell you that it doesn't make sense. Windows 7 as the name implies isn't really the 7th operating system released by Microsoft. In fact, windows 7 is really windows 6.1. Windows 7 is basically an upgraded version of Windows vista which was also known as Windows 6. But, aside from the confusing name, you should also know that Windows 7 makes it hard for windows xp users to upgrade. Upgrading from windows XP to windows 7 requires you to have a clean install, which means you will need to wipe your hard disk clean and reformat it, so be sure to back up your files. Windows xp users also tend to have less powerful computers which makes it almost impossible to upgrade your system into Windows 7. Windows XP only requires a minimum of 233mega hertz CPU and 64Megabytes ram. Upgrading from windows vista is less painful but it depends on whether or not you have installed all of vista's updates and the requirements for Windows vista and Windows 7 is almost the same so that would mean you can upgrade without worries about your computers specifications. Most people will recommend you do a clean install no matter what windows operating system you're coming from just to make sure you don't encounter any complications.

Windows 7 isn't good for businesses just yet, because of the fact that it requires to much resources and that would mean higher priced computers. Windows XP is still the number 1 operating system for businesses because it is stable and has low requirements for a PC which means businesses could still make use of older and cheaper computers.

Windows 7 also does not have some of the pre-installed software programs commonly found on windows xp and windows vista. Microsoft is doing this to avoid accusations of stuffing a lot of stuffs on their operating system. Wonder why it's a bad thing? me too. I'm not yet entirely clear as to what softwares they removed, I do know however that windows movie maker is gone and so is their image viewer. The good news is you can download it for free. The bad news is that some free applications that can be downloaded for windows 7 have ads.

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