Tuesday, October 13, 2009

Internet connection problems : can't access certain websites

Ever had problems with your internet connections? Can't access certain websites? I have had the same problems before. Then it is mostly a DNS server problem, try these steps and see if it helps with your internet connection problem.

If you have a router, find the DNS server settings page of your router or check with the routers manufacturer website to know how to navigate to the DNS server settings page. If you don't have a router and your computer connects directly to your modem, then you should know how to find your DNS server settings page on your computer, it varies wether you are using a Mac,Windows or linux based operating system. If you already know how to do it then proceed to the next step.

The most common reasons why you can't access certain websites or have internet connection problems is because of your ISP (Internet service provider), not your computer, and especially not your modem or router. Mostly it is because your ISP is not maintaining their DNS (Domain Name System), don't worry about the technical stuffs for now.

Once you have found your DNS server settings on your router or computer, replace it with this.

  • - for primary
  • - for alternate
These are the openDNS address which is safe and free to use. After using these DNS servers, i was able to access certain websites that I wasn't able to access before and my connections is a lot faster and stable. So now I conclude this article about Internet connection problems


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  2. Sorry I see a Spelling Mistake so I had to delete the Comment.I use open DNS and think it's Great I wrote about how bad my ISP was a while Ago and open DNS saved meThe I.S.P Market and Support

  3. It saved mine too :) used to have a lousy connection

  4. This is a nice post with have tips.Thanks you for sharing this good post.