Monday, October 5, 2009

Facebook takes philippines from friendster!

It seems that Facebook, one of the worlds most popular social networking site has taken over Philippines from Friendster a popular social networking site here in south east Asia. Well, it was inevitable, knowing from my first hand experience Friendster was doomed to be replaced by a giant such as Facebook because of the fact that Friendster really has little to offer when it comes to interactivity and entertainment. Whereas Facebook has a lot of applications which provide the users countless hours of fun and interactivity within its website.

This doesn't mean however that friendster is a lousy social networking site, In fact friendster is a good social networking site as it offers features that help you "socialize" because that is the main purpose of these kind of sites, however it is in the nature of most Filipinos to play online games while socializing, just like hitting 2 birds with one stone, Facebook apparently noticed this and of course used the opportunity to increase their market in the Philippines by providing us with very entertaining games that let us play and socialize at the same time, such as Farmville, MafiaWars and many more. Indeed some Filipinos still managed to use Facebook and Friendster at the same time. However, there is no doubt that Facebook is the one winning over the millions of Filipinos using the internet.

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