Saturday, September 5, 2009

Farmville is getting popular in the Philippines

It seems that the Facebook App called Farmville is gaining much popularity among the Filipinos today, ranging from child to adult, students to teachers, even professionals. I even have my own farm, i find the game fun because of its simplicity. Here are some screen shots.

That is my farm, which i have just started and it is still small, despite the plain look and feel of Farmville it is still somewhat entertaining. Farmville takes a long time to play though, almost everything from crops, trees and animals take days to harvest. So you could expect that it will take long to play this game, but it could be both a good and bad thing depending on how you view it. You could do other stuffs and let your farm grow and go back after a couple of days and harvest and plant another crop. It is a bit annoying to those overactive gamers though because of the long time required to make any anvancements in this game. I have tried to find some speed hacks for farmville and have found many. It seems that you can increase the movement speed of your avatar or character using Cheat Engine 5.5 but it is not effective in making your crops grow fast. There is however one hack or "bug" that will give you a lot of coins and experience. for more information on this hack or bug in Farmville, go to and search for "farmville"

I don't really know the exact reason for farmvilles sudden popularity here in the Philippines, but i do know that it is popular because even my teacher plays it. All of my friends play farmville too. But, i don't see myself playing farmville for a very long time but i am enjoying it for now.

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